Privacy Trust Goals

The approach we have developed is to hold all financial accounts within the Privacy Trust. This legal arrangement prevents the firm from acquiring any useful personal information. Since financial firms are not good at keeping secrets, we just won’t tell them anything. The Privacy Trust acts as an intermediary to remove the connection between you and the account. Neither your name, nor your Social Security number, nor any other personal identifying information appears in any records related to your account. No employees of the firm are aware of your relationship to the account, and the bank can’t sell information that it doesn’t have. That’s the proper model for creating financial privacy.

Information about your real estate assets-your home and other property can also be shielded from public disclosure. Since these records are publicly recorded and can be gathered through a database search-privacy means severing the connection between you and the property. When the records are searched under your name or identifying information, you do not want your home and other properties to appear on the list. If you hold real estate in a corporation, FLP, or LLC, your ownership of these entities must be concealed as part of any privacy strategy. Locating your property and determining its value is the easiest and most popular technique for measuring your attractiveness as a potential target for litigation or any other type of claim.

The Privacy Trust can be created in a simple and straightforward manner to accomplish most privacy, asset protection, and estate planning objectives. Progressive levels of sophistication can be added as the complexity of the financial circumstances increase. Advanced planning strategies may include a variety of domestic or offshore options, depending upon the particular results to be accomplished. For descriptive purposes, we can divide the Privacy Trust into Plan #1 and Plan #2, which we will later discuss. We base the distinctions upon the key privacy and asset protection feature of each.


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