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Designing your overall plan and preparing the documents necessary for asset protection, tax efficiency, and estate planning must take place under the guidance and supervision of an attorney who specializes in these matters. A successful strategy involves a careful analysis of your business structure to make sure that potential liabilities are properly controlled with Dangerous and Safe Assets insulated from each other. The operation of your business or professional practice should be evaluated to minimize taxes through specially designed individual strategies. Asset protection and estate planning choices and alternatives should be presented to you and clearly explained so that you can make sound and informed decisions.

Your asset protection plan must be created in advance of any claim or threatened litigation. Every state has laws prohibiting the transfer of assets to avoid paying existing or anticipated claims. If you make a transfer when you know or have reason to believe that there may be a case against you, the other party has the right to set aside the plan. Address your asset protection needs before difficulties arise in order to accomplish the best results.

Although the number of qualified attorneys-experienced in creating a comprehensive plan- has been limited in the past, a growing number throughout the country are developing the necessary expertise. If you need assistance in finding an attorney in your area or would like to discuss your personal situation, please feel free to call our offices at (800) 223-4291.


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