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How can I protect what I save from the risks of my business?

One often overlooked tool for asset protection is a Private Retirement Plan. California allows for the creation of a Private Retirement Plan, which is entirely exempt from judgments and bankruptcy. That is, retirement savings plans which are not IRS Qualified Plans, may be protected under state law if certain requirements are satisfied. Read more

I’m in good health but worry that an injury or illness might create medical bills that would wipe out everything I own. Is there a way to protect my home and savings from future medical expenses?

An issue of increasing importance in the legal community addresses the question of how to protect accumulated savings from medical expense related liability risks. Stated simply, a brief stay in the hospital can cost tens of thousands of dollars. A serious injury or illness lasting weeks or months has the potential to bankrupt all but the wealthiest hedge fund managers. Read more

I’ve heard about Piercing the Corporate Veil but does an LLC have the same vulnerability?

The purported protection of the LLC law is often and increasingly disregarded by the courts under a variety of legal theories leaving personal assets exposed and unprotected from business risks – exactly the result that the owner was attempting to avoid. Read more

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