LLC Versus Corporation

Let’s compare the LLC  versus a corporation in real estate ownership.  John and Mary could transfer the property to a corporation. Each would own 50 percent of the stock in the company. Since the law provides that the shareholders are not responsible for debts of the corporation, a liability arising out of the property would not subject John and Mary’s personal assets to danger.

The problem is that this protection against liability is only available if all of the corporate formalities are carefully followed. Since most people do not maintain proper corporate records and documentation, corporations often do not provide the intended level of protection. Further, corporations are subject to complex tax rules, which can cause severe and unintended consequences.

Finally, the corporation will not protect the property from outside liability-lawsuits against John or Mary unrelated to the property. A creditor can simply seize the stock that they own and reach the apartment building by dissolving the company. For these reasons, it is generally not advisable to hold investment real estate in a corporation.


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