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Asset Protection Book

Asset Protection for Physicians and High Risk Business Owners by Robert J. Mintz. Powerful asset protection strategies to protect savings from risk and liability. Detailed techniques and successful strategies used by legal specialists throughout the country to shield and insulate their clients’ wealth.

Which business form will protect you from liability.

How to protect business assets from lawsuits.

How to shield your home and savings from future claims.

Why asset protection stops a lawsuit threat before the case begins.

How to keep what you own private and protected.

How to wipe out estate taxes and save on income taxes.

What offshore techniques create advantages and when to use them.

How to use Family Limited Partnerships, Limited Liability Companies and specially designed trusts for asset protection, estate planning, privacy and tax savings.

What are Private Retirement Plans>

Robert J. Mintz is a practicing attorney with offices in San Diego and the Bay Area. He is a nationally recognized expert with more than twenty years of experience in asset protection and tax planning.



Complimentary New Book

New & Revised Edition
Asset Protection for Physicians and High-Risk Business Owners by Robert J. Mintz JD, LLM

Essential reading for every professional, business owner and potential deep-pocket lawsuit defendant.

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