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Getting the asset protection planning process started is often the most difficult part. What’s the best asset protection plan for me? Which attorney should I use? How much will it cost?
It’s difficult to get all these questions answered in a fast and efficient manner. Often, just reaching an attorney on the phone can take days. Getting the information you need is a time consuming and inefficient process. So, we’ve created a smooth and efficient system for accomplishing our client’s asset protection goals.

Need Help Designing Your Plan?

if you don’t know the type of plan you want, send us an e-mail describing your situation, what you would like to accomplish and your liability concerns. Or, fill out only Part B of the Legal Services Request . We will respond promptly with our recommendations on how to proceed, the estimated cost, and whether a planning discussion would be useful.

Do you know the plan you want?

Many of our clients have researched various asset protection legal strategies. If you are familiar with the basic planning techniques you may not need the initial legal planning advice. The key for you is to have an experienced attorney prepare the necessary documents and take responsibility for the work. Putting the plan together by yourself or with an attorney who is not an expert often leads to disastrous tax and legal consequences

We insure that all of your work is done correctly to the highest legal standards.

We have a detailed description of most of the popular planning techniques at Legal Guide to Asset Protection Strategies and elsewhere on our site. If you know the type of plan you would like to create, our law firm can perform all of the necessary services, complete the necessary filings, and prepare the appropriate legal documentation at a significant cost savings to you.

  1. Determine the planning options and the desired legal services which you would like us to perform and fill out Part A and Part C on the Legal Services Request.
  2. Upon receipt of your Legal Services Request we will send to you a quote and an Agreement clearly stating the services we will perform and the associated fees and costs.
  3. If you approve, sign the Agreement and return it to us.
  4. Based on the plan you wish to develop, we will gather from you the specific information needed to perform all of the requested legal services. This information will be reviewed by Mr. Mintz and he will then prepare the necessary filings and documentation for you. If you have requested a telephone conversation or personal meeting, that will be scheduled after receipt of your information.
  5. When the legal services are complete, you will be provided with original certified copies of all filings and the original agreements and documents which we have prepared for you.

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