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On this site, our law firm presents a detailed discussion on a range of asset protection strategies designed to shield and insulate our clients’ wealth from personal and business liability risks.

Our clients are physicians, corporate officers, business and real estate owners who wish to practice their business or profession without jeopardizing the assets they have accumulated over the years. A thoughtful, carefully tailored asset protection legal plan can generally accomplish this worthwhile result.

The latest version of our book “Asset Protection for Physicians and High-Risk Business Owners” is available for download and provides a comprehensive discussion of key issues in asset protection planning.

Provided in this site are detailed examples, diagrams, real life case studies and the pros and cons of  popular asset protection techniques such as the Family Limited Partnership, Limited Liability Companies, Family Savings Trusts , Offshore LLC’s, Offshore Trusts, Privacy Plans, Private Retirement Plans,  Equity Stripping techniques for Real Estate and Accounts Receivable and many other popular asset protection strategies.


Up to date asset protection and estate planning news and comments on the latest cases and legislation.

Cook Islands Trusts:  Prudent Planning or Tool for Scoundrels?

The Cook Islands is a popular offshore haven, offering unique asset protection and privacy benefits for wealthy individuals throughout the world. Those with high liability risks, such as physicians, real estate developers and business owners often put assets into Cook Islands Trusts to shield their wealth from potential lawsuits and claims.  At the same time, complaints are growing that these trusts are a favorite of corrupt politicians and other lawbreakers, taking advantage of these laws to hide and protect illegal funds. Are Cook Islands Trusts a legitimate planning technique or an international haven for criminals stashing their gains?

New State Laws Allow Residents to Shield Assets From Creditors

California Private Retirement Plans: Asset Protection Benefits



Key asset protection issues and solutions

How can I protect what I save from the risks of my business?

One often overlooked tool for asset protection is a Private Retirement Plan. California allows for the creation of a Private Retirement Plan, which is entirely exempt from judgments and bankruptcy. That is, retirement savings plans which are not IRS Qualified Plans, may be protected under state law if certain requirements are satisfied. Read more

I’m in good health but worry that an injury or illness might create medical bills that would wipe out everything I own. Is there a way to protect my home and savings from future medical expenses?

An issue of increasing importance in the legal community addresses the question of how to protect accumulated savings from medical expense related liability risks. Stated simply, a brief stay in the hospital can cost tens of thousands of dollars. A serious injury or illness lasting weeks or months has the potential to bankrupt all but the wealthiest hedge fund managers. Read more

I’ve heard about Piercing the Corporate Veil but does an LLC have the same vulnerability?

The purported protection of the LLC law is often and increasingly disregarded by the courts under a variety of legal theories leaving personal assets exposed and unprotected from business risks – exactly the result that the owner was attempting to avoid. Read more


Complimentary New Book

New & Revised Edition
Asset Protection for Physicians and High-Risk Business Owners
by Robert J. Mintz JD, LLM

The most powerful and creative asset protection strategies with up-to-date legal developments including the latest planning techniques, case law, articles, illustrations and examples. Essential reading for every professional, business owner and potential deep-pocket lawsuit defendant.

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